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Doing Some Detective Work Before Hiring a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator is not as easy at it seems. If this is your first time to hire a private investigator, you can always ask people around you if they can give any recommendations or referrals. So how do you research the right private investigator who will be doing the investigating for you. But the task is not impossible to do so do not let it become a reason for you not to find the right person that you need. Here are the things to keep in mind when looking for investigative services.

Remember to check the private investigator’s reputation:

This will help you narrow down potential firms so you can save time from contacting unreliable agencies. The agency should be willing to give important information about their company. Hiring a private investigator is similar to hiring anyone to do a certain job for you.

Make sure to perform a thorough background check on these companies. Similar to any other occupation, there are different private investigators with different skills and qualifications. You can try entering the company name with negative terms such as “scam”, “sucks” or “lousy” and others. Possessing a license does not prove that a private investigator is experienced in the type of case you want dealt with.

Ask all the questions in mind during the initial meeting. Be wary of individuals and agencies trying to pass off as legit private investigators or agencies. The ability to perform a thorough and professional secret investigation separates true private investigators from those posing as one. Anyone can try to do an investigation without the proper license. It is also pertinent that a private investigator is insured and their insurance is current.

Ask the association directly if the agency is licensed and affiliated with them. The private investigator should make you feel comfortable, not nervous. Do not be too desperate as to forego the necessary research and verification. The BBB logs in complaints from consumers and customers for any kind of company or agency with unethical business habits.

If they are not willing to sign an agreement or contract, ditch the agency and look elsewhere as soon as possible. All private investigation agencies or service providers must be fully covered by insurance. There is no reason why you cannot be well-prepared or well-informed when it comes to hiring the right person to perform private investigation services. An insured or bonded agency will protect you in case anything untowardly happens either through negligence, omissions, errors or accidents.

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